And now, FINALLY…  Some more photos.  From the views of the mountains near Madrid (need to go to the Sierra Nevada near Granada ASAP!) to the Bahamas and coast of Miami (Kaydee and Lisa, we need to go back!)… what a beautiful valentine’s day gift from mother nature!

I know I took WAY too many photos of my views out the window, but each time the sight was so incredibly gorgeous! And thanks to some very slight editing, I can share with you the same intensity of color I enjoyed during my flight!

Starting with some mountains (not sure which) outside of Madrid....

And now a little bit later into my second (EXTREMELY LONG) flight, where I was able to see a soft, white blanket of clouds just under the airplane.

A bit later, the clouds dissipated but it was still quite cold outside the plane!  I loved the way the icicles fanned out from the small air hole in the second, exterior window pane.

Probably the best part of this flight was the gem of a view while flying over the bahamas and a few other islands just outside of miami.  I want to go back!!!

And lastly, beginning our decent into miami!

What mom decided to text me the morning of (well morning for her)... So funny mom1

I ended up getting home a little after midnight, then going to my interview the next day at 7 AM.  The interview went fantastic (keep your gingers crossed for me!)

Once the interview was behind me, it was time to do some serious eating. There isn't such a thing as spicy food here in Spain and I was really craving some thai curry and salsa. Not together. The later with eggs and a tortilla, because we dont have mexican tortillas here either.

the thai place in west port has to die for mussaman curry. try it. now!
Eventually, it was time to go back.  I had a great weekend with mom. We finally had some girl time and she got to sleep in (only until 9 AM but still!).  Thanks for helping me out momma--I had the best time with you!

last "american" fix in DFW before heading back to spain-world.
my view most of my flights back...
first glimpse of the sierra nevada upon my return. they are kind of washed out here but how lucky am I to be surrounded by mountains, only 30 minutes away from skiing, and 30 minutes away from a beach in the other direction? granada is aamzing.
Of course, a video to sum it up... here you go!


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