And now... because I've heard a million and one complaints that there aren't any photos of me on this blog (MOM)... I present a million and one unedited photos of me (mostly) in Nerja way back in the beginning on March.

(If you remember from the Alpujarra post...) The group (as in my study abroad group) went to La Alpujarra for a relaxing weekend in the mountains.  The original plan was to get there early Saturday, hike all day, then go to the beach the next day.

However it's been raining here in Aldalucia since October (which everyone has assured me is completely out of character) and we've all been living (or at least I have) in layers of wet clothes on, off to dry on the radiator, and back on again.

Our hike started by meeting our guide, who seemed to have guided one too many groups of snotty Americans around because he definitely had a short temper for complainers and talkers.  We walked seemingly all over La Alpujarra, through farms with a distinctive style of planting that seems to have escaped me at the moment... anyway its like cutting stairs in the mountains and planting on each step.  We hiked down steep rocky hills, up muddy hills, through the inventive watering system where I completely soaked my shoes, arrived at a beautiful look out point where the views of the town below were brisk in between the seemingly endlessly surrounding clouds, and eventually at a small village where we were taught the traditional style of housing (all white with natural water-tight roofs and cloths for doors) and stopped for lunch.  

Now I won't lie, by this point I was soaking wet, cold, muddy, and only had a very oily olive oil sandwich for my sack lunch from Mati (or "bocadillo").  But we were in the Alpujarra--when would I be back?  Who knows.  I was ready to take on some more rocky steep down slides and muddy up slides and water in the sneaks and whatnot.  But with all the complaining out directors cut the hike short.  

We headed back to our very cute mountainous hotel (boy I wish I would've kept track of hotel names and tour guides and.... next time maybe?) where I ended up crashing into a nap until dinner.  

Pretty much boring from then on.  

So why am I telling you all about Alpujarra in this post about Nerja?  Well, we were supposed to go to the beach.  But the directors ended up switching the plan to the caves of Nerja due to the endless amounts of rainfall.  I was excited for this!!! Have you ever been to Carsbad Caverns?  Let me just tell you I LVOE caves.  

But at the last minute, the plan switched back to the beach. Kind of a let down... except it really was a beautiful day.  Beautiful enough to go swimming... Of course, no one packed a swimsuit.  When in Europe, do as the Europeans do, no?

Anyway, I know I'm behind on blogging.  I just like to take photos and edit the photos and then choose the right ones and I know that taking the long to blog about it means I wont remember as well, but what can I do now?

Next time I travel, I'm investing in a recorder and a GoPro so I can catch every second of this.

...of course, sometimes you just simply have to enjoy life...

Tada, a million and one unedited photos mostly of me.  You're welcome, Mom. XO.


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