plaza de espana--seville.

How can today already be day 43 of being in Spain? Crazy... Really I can't quite believe it!

Anyway----as far as updates, yes I know you've heard this like five million times... sorry for getting behind.  Now I have a kinda of good or maybe better reason. Well two reasons actually.

I took a ton of photos, then had to dump them on my computer sin editing and sin blogging because I was in Italy last long weekend. Yep, Italy.  Yes, I took photos. And probably enough video to blind you all.

The other reason is because I suffocated my computer with too much video and photos over the past month and it ended up crashing multiple times upon my return from Italy.

But now were back, were good, and were ready to roll.

Let's just hope my fingers can keep up with all this typing!!!


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