flying over the bahamas.
It always seems like the second I catch up on my tasks, they pile up and I am even more behind than before.  So, I apologize for the lack of posting and updating and photo-ing and “YouTube-y” (In spanish you pronounce the “e” as an we would pronounce “ie” or “y”…).

Right now, I am on the third leg of my trip back to Kansas City for a medical school interview.  This morning, well this morning in Spain anyway, I woke up at 4 AM and headed to the airport for flights from Granada to Madrid and Madrid to Miami.  Currently I am on the Miami to Dallas flight, which will be followed by a Dallas to KC flight, where my dearest mother will be picking me up and bringing me back to a warm condo with eggs, tortilla, cheese, and salsa (as specified by mi).  Wow, I sure do have a great mom.

Despite the lack of sleep and being completely disoriented about the time frame (as I type this, its 1 AM tomorrow back in Granada but only 6 PM CT today…) this flight had given me a lot of time to think and appreciate what is going on in my life at the moment.

I’m not sure if it was the beautiful views of the ocean and coast during my long haul flight from Madrid to Miami (post with those photos to come soon), or just being cramped up in a tight plane for hours on end, going through security twice, immigration and customs and all that business, (which by the way, I just typed business as “bisnous;” my English is really going downhill as I fill my brain with Spanish and live out my daily life in Spanglish, heavier on the Spanish side…) but it really hit me today (or tomorrow by my internal clock set 7 hours ahead of you all in the CT zone…) how lucky I am to have this experience. And really just in general how blessed I am.

I mean I always have known this.  But at the same time, I’ve never really “stopped to smell the roses” and actually reflect upon it. 

Right now, my schedule has been school, homework, lunch, nap, dinner, homework, sleep.  What is the fun in that?  Over New Year’s I seemed to have been too busy to make any kind of resolutions but I feel like Lent is probably a good time…at least better late than never!

Hmm… so what to resolve to do?  I will admit (or BRAG…) that since arriving in Spain I’ve actually been much more relaxed and open to new things than those of you who know me would expect.  For example, I’ve eaten everything put in front of my so far on the trip.  Whether it be anchovies, weird salad with vegetables, fruit, and mayo, stinky cheese, bocadillos (sandwiches) jamón and tomato or egg, tons of different drinks, fish complete with bones and skin, mystery meats, shrimp complete with legs and head…I mean the list goes on and on.  Not to mention simply getting used to expectations at meal time—long, leisurely, with lots of conversation and much more food that I’ve ever eaten back in the US. 

(If you’re wondering how I can put down about as much food as I used to eat in a day or two in one meal setting, it’s really an easy answer—I am just that hungry all the time! Mostly because here I walk everywhere).

(If you’re also wondering when I’m going to do a week of food post, I think I changed my mind to doing a week of food video. Anyway, that will be a get-to-it-eventually…)

Anyway, my point is that things in Spain are drastically different, and I think I’ve done a fair job adjusting.  I don’t just mean the food, but the lifestyle period.

However, I still think that I could do a little better.  So here are my resolutions for my remaining time abroad:

1.     Be who you want to be.
2.     Slow down, enjoy life abroad leisurely, and relax more often.
3.     Be more social and create more opportunity to converse in Spanish.

As far as my blogging resolutions, I plan to blog as things happen rather than try to recount things later.  I have quite a few ideas that I think you all will enjoy.  As soon as I get my camera battery figured out (Mom bought 3 new ones and a new charger—thank you mommy dearest!), I’ll be putting these ideas in to action.

I hope everyone is well back in the states.  Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read my blog—I just wish I could actually bring you all to Spain and show off the new things I have learned.

P.S. I have two three exciting excursions out of Granada soon…. Stay tuned!


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