So what did I do on the days that my blogging really went downhill?

Monday: class.

Tuesday: class, valentines cards from mommy, daddy, and amir. tour of the catedral de granada, but no photos were allowed...lame!

Wednesday: class, meeting for excursion, tour of cathedral.

Thursday: traveling >24 hours;

Friday: interview!

Saturday: mostly sleep, sort of eat.

Sunday: traveling >24 hours; again.

And now for a mish-mash of photos and random video from the past week!

A copy of a cool watercolor pomegranate branch on info boards throughout granada's city center.

sign for the cathedral.
the beautiful exterior of the catedral de granada--still unfinished!
my half attempt at photographing a week of meals--most of these are dinners (we ate "lighter" dinners here in spain--lunch is usually twice or three times as much food).  from upper left to lower right: chicken with green bean, potato, tuna, and vinegar salad; endive with fried bacon, olive oil, vinegar, and salt; tomato based soup with potato, artichoke, and red meat; meatballs (think swedish meatballs) with fries; fish, bones in and skin on, with potatoes cooked in tomato stew; and my favorite of this grouping: pisto--tomato, pepper, and onion stew with fried egg accompanied by a hamburger fried in bacon fat and a baked potato with oil and salt.

Once again, sorry! I promise I will be better in the future.  Truthfully, the last week was pretty boring—not much going on since I needed to get ready to interview.  I also slept away too much of the past week.  Really need to stop doing that—I’ll sleep when I’m dead!

Hope everyone had a wonderful week! Hugs and kisses to all, from España!


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