So dad and beth came to visit... One of the highlights of the trip was spending the day with our new friends, Joaquin, Irina, and their daughter, Katerina.

See the right end of the horseshoe of a beach above?  Our neighbors in Kansas, the DeCardenas, used to live on the horseshoe behind, but on the same side of the horseshoe in a city called Herradura, which is Spanish for horseshoe.  Confused?

Anyway, we met their long time friends who were kind enough to spend the day with us (after an hour of driving in circles trying to meet each other) and show us around.

The beach is beautiful, we were able to see the historic parts of the city including remains of a Roman Fish Salter (?), a few child processionals (traditional in Spain during Semana Santa), some grownup processionals minus the crowds in Granada, and feasted on delicious fish baked in salt.  How am I ever going to go back to eating food in America?

dad showing irina photos of the fam, probably. 

beautiful and curious katerina. 
the men in unless conversation over business.

some castle on the beach... i forgot the details.

the gang, minus joaquin (who was playing photographer). 


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