Where do I even begin?  

Days 7-11 consisted of many firsts.  My first few days of class, my first free tapa (native to Granada--you get a free appetizer with every drink you buy.  Yes, free!), and my first weekend out in Spain.

The video pretty much sums it up but here are some random photos from those few days!

DAY 7.  Wednesday, 1/30/13.
I kept accidentally taking photos of myself when I wanted to take a video!  Here our some for your enjoyment :)

...and another.

sarah made me try on this shirt!! it was 4 euro but might get it if it goes down more...
DAY 8. Thursday, 1/31/13.
more accidental photos when trying to film!!
...and again :)
 DAY 9.  Friday, 2/1/13.
yummy tapa! bar mix and gummy candy! 
typical frances-face. 
madison and i at quinta venida.
the club promoter for quinta, carlos, asked us to join him and his friend, nahuel like manuel but with an "n") at their table... we tried a granadadina which is native to granada.  basically grenadine syrup with a straw...too sweet for me!
me, madison, and sarah.
again with the typical :P
nahuel, madison, and sarah.  doesnt everyone look so happy? i love this photo!

DAY 10. Saturday, 2/1/13.
the bar where we tried our first porrón.
madison demonstrating the porrón. you can find all about it here.
DAY 11.  Sunday, 2/3/13.

enjoying café y kinder bueno bar... yummy!
Here's the video... long but does a much better job of explaining the weekend that the photos will.  Hope you enjoy!!!


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