We started the morning in Toledo with another hotel breakfast buffet.  The Beatriz’s buffet was much more traditional to Spain with tons of cheeses, salami, sausage, jamon, breads, crackers, some fruit, tortilla espanola, and of course the Macedonia yogurt.

We left the hotel around 11 am and drove the four or five hours to Granada. I’m still really unsure of how long it is because we stopped, a fell asleep a few times, and my perception of time is completely discombobulated.

The rest stop was sort of like a mini shopping center and food court, but in the middle of no where.  Weird.

Along the entirety of the drive, we passed by thousands of olive trees all in rows.  Dr. DeCardenas and his wife, Arlene, told me I would see this but it was still pretty amazing!

After arriving in Granada, our host mom, Matilde or “Mati”, was waiting for us at the bus. We grabbed our luggage and pulled it the few blocks to her apartment.  She let us unpack and then took us out for a café y dulce in an incredibly cute café.  She also showed us the meeting points for tomorrows ISA meeting and some of the city, including the [church] and some good places to shop.

Sarah, my roommate, and I wandered around the city center for a bit before coming home for dinner.  For dinner, we had a chicken noodle soup minus the chicken but plus broken up hard boiled egg, fish in a garlic sauce, super incredibly oh my goodness salty salad and bread.  Mati asked us what we like and what we thought about the food.  She didn’t seem to mind when we finally admitted how salty it was!

We watched a little tv with Mati, showered, and went to bed.

Sorry for the lack of photos from today, but traveling and the jet lag is really starting to get to me!


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