Madison and I went for a walk the other day and I finally had a chance to document some of the graffiti here.  The graffiti all over Spain is better described as street art, as a large portion of it really is beautiful art.  I also have heard that Spain has quite a few famous street artists, but I havent looked much into it myself.  Here are some photos, I will be posting a video of the past week soon which should have some video from this walk as well :)

check out the view of the sierra nevada!!!

forgot the name of the artist but this is one of the ones by a famous street artist!

We randomly found this series of posts with funny faces...always finding little pieces of art all over granada!

granada is full of fountains--it seems like every one has the perfect series of spouting water during the day and lighting during the night.

my favorite, although a close tie with the carrot you will see below, is this boy eating a chicken leg.

Carrot boy! LOVE this little guy.


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