I will confess I am starting to blog this experience way too late. I would just skip backtracking to the beginning, but I know how valuable the very few blogs I found on this experience to me were. Admittedly, my memory is a little cloudy on everything I’ve done thus far. So (bare?) with me!

Once I had decided I wanted to study abroad, I did an extensive amount of research on the companies who had study abroad programs, the programs they had available, and, the most important to me, personal reviews or accounts of their program by students just like me.

I want to take the time to thank two people:

(whose names I cannot currently find in my email....)

[name] who created “La Granada” Tumblr (which is no longer in existence) documented her experience studying abroad with ISA approximately two years ago in Granada, Spain. Her blogging answered a lot of my questions. She also gave me her personal email account and fully answered my extremely detailed, gratuitous, humongous list of questions.

[name] also studied abroad in Granada this past semester, Fall 2012, and blogged a few times for ISA, which is how I found her. She also gave me her personal email and answered a different, but still extensive, set of questions I had later in the process.

Now, because I know that other students may Google in hopes of finding information about study abroad with ISA, possibly in Granada, Spain, I’ve decided to create a three part series (subject to change) on everything from the very first day I myself Googled “study abroad” up until the night before Day 0, or my final day in the United States (truthfully, it was a couple of days, but not much was going on).

For those of you mentioned earlier Googling, I may not finish this section for a bit. But it will be there ASAP.

I am looking forward to being able to document this experience for myself, my family and my friends, and any prospective study abroad-ers.



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