So here is where it all begins.  At the moment, I’m sitting on a plane from Dallas to Miami, soon to be flying to Madrid.  However, this got serious a few days ago, so I’ll update you on everything that happened.

Sunday, 1/13/13 – Sister’s 21st birthday. Find out my aunt has had a stroke and is in a coma.  

Monday, 1/14/13 – Wake up at 5:00 am to drive an hour to dentist appointment.  Find out everything okay.  Drive an hour back.  Buy extra products and anything else needed last minute.

Tuesday, 1/15/13 – Wake up at 3:45 am to drive to airport.  Fly to Chicago.  Endure nauseating taxi ride through horrible traffic into city.  Get Visa.  Go to mall nearby. Buy sister late birthday gift.  Taxi driver gives me crap for paying with a card.  Over tip because feel bad but then feel bad for over tipping because annoyed, who carries cash these days? Fly back.  Sleep until tomorrow.

Wednesday, 1/16/13 – Pack, rest.  Meet girl friends for dinner and hookah.

Thursday, 1/17/13 – Scheduled to have a doctor appointment with Dr. A.  Get to Dr. A’s office and they tell me my appointment is with Dr. B.  Last week at Dr. B’s office told me didn’t have appointment when I had one scheduled.  Needed to see Dr. A anyway.  Wait to see Dr. A.  Go to Dr. B’s and get prescription for three months.  Go to pharmacy.  Talk to ten different people.  Have same conversation over and over.  Finally okay to fill for three months.  Won’t fill one script without talking to Dr. A.  Meds Dr. B prescribed not in stock ANYWHERE.  Call Dr. A.  No answer.  Order Dr. B’s script and say come back tomorrow. Find out aunt has passed.  Meet with friend for comfort.  Annoyed by stupid guys all night.

Friday, 1/18/13 – Go to pharmacy.  Still cant reach Dr. A.  Still haven’t ordered Dr. B’s script.  Come back tomorrow.  Spend time with friends.

Saturday, 1/19/13 – Pack car to drive to parents.  Go to pharmacy.  Fill Dr. B’s script.  Can’t reach Dr. A.  Call on call doc.  After three hours reach a doctor and okay to fill.  DON’T HAVE MEDICATION….  Already destroyed prescript.  Come back manana.  Go home after five hours at pharmacy.  Spend time with friends.

Sunday, 1/20/13 – Annoyed at pharmacy.  Get script partially filled.  Drive home.  East delicious Mexican food with my family.

Monday, 1/21/13 – Doctor’s appointments.  Finding out my doctor used to live near Granada, Spain.  Talking about Spain over Spanish wine with said doc.

Tuesday, 1/22/13 – One last doc appointment.  Lunch with mom and dad.  Nap.  Pack.  Dinner with the fam bam.  Snuggles with Amir. 

....Which brings us up to speed to today, Day 1.

More later!


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